Chalking is...

Communicative: this practice is a great opportunity to pass on ideas, mingle, exchange and can be quite physical
Easy: Drawing, painting or sculpting require some prior training and therefore can be intimidating. Chalking is accessible to people with no artistic background
Fun: Chalking brings you back to childhood and liberates everyone from self-imposed restrictions, letting you express yourself without fear
Ephemeral: Chalk is a unique means of expression as it is both vivid and temporary
Big: Big ideas sometimes require big visualizations. Chalking allows you to express your ideas without size limitations
Scalable: from a parking spot to the Champs Elysées, chalking shows great results whether on a small or expansive space

LET'S CHALK [open event]

Imagine exiting your home in the morning and being caught in another universe.
During the night a group of "chalkers" occupied the asphalt of your neighborhood and expressed themselves by drawing and writing.
It will be an ephemeral and unique moment and as soon as the rain comes
everything will vanish, offering a brand new canvas.
Join us for the next one!

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You're awesome, get involved. Let's chalk!